Praised be Jesus Christ

For the person of the 21st century, St. Clare might seem like a remote figure, but in fact, in our frenetic world, she calls us back to the place where we can be content, secure and at home; in a word, to the Heart of God.

At the end of her life St. Clare was able to say, after a long and painful illness,

“Thank you Lord for having created me”.

In a world that bombards us with messages that our value depends on what we produce, on how we look, or on how useful we are, St. Clare affirms that our dignity and worthwhile-ness as human persons resides in our immense worth as children of God.

Though the life she chose was not easy, she was able to see beyond often challenging circumstances, to the power of God with her, and sustaining her.  The figure of Mary accompanied her on the vocational walk until the end of her life.  Her sisters testified that Our Lady approached Clare on her deathbed, bending over her, signifying her maternal affection and closeness.

Celebrating the 800th anniversary of the founding of our Order by this inspirational woman, is a cause of great joy for us, Poor Clares, who are living the way of life that she instituted with St. Francis, so many years ago. The commemoration of such a shining example of dedication to the Lord Jesus, invites us and indeed, all the people of our time, to rediscover contemplation and the spiritual journey to which all are called.

“If Catherine of Siena is full of passion for the Blood of Christ, the great St Teresa shows the way to the Interior Castle and Therese of the Child Jesus is the one who travels the little way, Clare is the passionate lover of the poor, crucified Christ, with whom she wants to identify absolutely.  She contemplated the mystery of Christ, who from the heights of the Cross called her and drew her to himself.” (Bl. Pope John Paul ll)

In the words of our holy Mother St. Clare, may you 

“love Him totally who gave Himself totally for your love”.

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